Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

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  1. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (Normal)

    With the help of our modern techniques and innovative technology, we are capable of manufacturing and supplying of top-quality Industrial Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer to our clients. This system is specifically designed for reducing speed of the driven shafts. The provided Industrial Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer is manufactured by us at our own production unit by using good quality metal and required materials to ensure that final output meets with quality standards of the same. The delivery of the same is done at fixed price.
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  2. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (With Backstop/Holdback)

    A backstop is the additional feature which let the reducer turn freely in one direction but locks up when reversed. This is required on applications such as belt conveyors or bucket elevators to prevent injury if electrical power to the motor is interrupted. Holdback/Backstops are designed and incorporated to prevent reversal rotation or holding device to prevent reverse rotation in application such as Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Fan and Rotary Kilns.
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  3. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (With Input Motor Flange Mounts)

    MICRO offers SMSR gearboxes with flange mounting at input side specially designated for Screw Conveyors. The main benefit of this gearbox is that elimination of foundation, v belts and pulleys. The motor directly mounts on the flange of the gearbox.
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  4. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (With Taper Lock Bush)

    SMSR WITH TAPER LOCK BUSH Taper Lock Bush allows unskilled labor to achieve coupling of reducer and shrink fit on shafts using just hexagon wrench. Taper Lock Bushing Accessories has arrangement of longitudinal split tapered bushes with four through all holes, two threaded holes and four threaded holes on the reducers output hub. Taper Lock Bush and Reducers Output Hub are manufactured from special steel to permanently remove any chances of corrosion in the future. The unique Taper Lock Bush system, which overcomes the difficulties, experienced with other methods of mounting, particularly in corrosive environment. Various sizes of Bores are available in the Taper Lock Bush to facilitate easy mounting on different shaft size. So any labor can install the reducer by just tightening of four Allen Key Bolts, and uninstall by just tightening of two Allen Key Bolts. That give easy, fast fitting and maximum grip. (Taper Lock Bush and Reducers Output Hub must be tight to gather).
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  5. Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer (With Motor Mounting Frame)

    MOTOR MOUNTING FRAME (AT TOP) Motor Mounting Frame options are available to fit directly on the top of gear reducers through special designed Motor Mounting Frame accessories for the Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers. Motor Mounting Frame accessories are developed with robust base plate which allows wide range of motor frame sizes. Every Motor Mounting Frame has sufficient adjustment to ensure that belt can be fitted and tensioned whenever required throughout life of belts.
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